Better. products arose from the maker’s personal need for a healthy, nutritious snack. 
“Being an amateur CrossFit athlete and one who battled a health condition, it was imperative that I ate wholesome food to help me power through my workouts while still keeping my health in check. Thus was born products lebelled Better.” – Shirley.
Our Energy Bars, Protein Bars, Breakfast Granola and Nut/Seed Butters are loaded with wholesome, quality ingredients that are aimed to promote healthy eating while on the go.
We provide products that are ideal for breakfast, a pre-workout/ post-workout meal, as a hiking snack/travel snack and even as a substitute for those pesky midday cravings.
Our products contain NO artificial preservatives, NO fillers, NO food colouring, NO artificial or added natural or nature identical flavours – They’re #simplybetter for you.