know us Better.


Our promise is simple.

We promise that you will never have to choose between health and taste. We provide healthier better tasting alternatives to what is currently on the market using only nutritionally dense ingredients. Our products are minimally processed and made like you would in your home.

We promise to keep no secrets. Our products are made using only ingredients you know and love. We use no refined sugar, no fillers, no artificial or natural or nature identical flavours, no food colouring and no preservatives.

Our products are #simplybetter for you!


As an Architect turned baker, I knew it is always important to cater to a client’s needs, be it in built spaces or cake.

The same applied for myself as well. As someone who always played sports and who does CrossFit, I recognized a need to eat healthy.

Cooking and baking comes naturally to me so it was never a problem to whip up a healthy snack but finding one in stores proved difficult.

This led me to make healthy and tasty treats which became a hit among my friends and family. I labelled them Better.

They’re nutritions and more importantly clean labelled which make them #simplybetter for you.


give Better. a try