This Granola is perfect for when you want that Coffee fix early in the morning. Made using Couverture Dark Chocolate and fresh Coffee powder, this one’s super delicious as an on-the-go breakfast or as a mid meal snack.



Key ingredients:

Rolled Oats

Ragi Flakes

Jowar Flakes


Flax Seeds

Cocoa Butter

Jaggery Syrup

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa Powder

Coffee Powder

Spice Mix

Tastes best with milk, a dollop of yogurt, as a dessert topping or just as a snack.

This delicious High Fiber Breakfast Granola contains NO artificial preservatives, NO fillers, NO food colouring, NO added flavours and ZERO refined sugar.

Made only with ingredients you know and love;
it’s simply BETTER for you.


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