SUPER SEEDY (pack of 6)


The Super Seedy Bar is a nutrient dense bar thats loaded with three types of seeds. It has a wonderfully warm, nutty taste to it that balances out the flavours in the bar making it subtly sweet and delicious.



Better Bars are homestyle Energy Bars made with simple ingredients that are NOT unrecognizable and that are nutrient dense. These bars work great a pre-workout/post-workout meal, as a hiking/travel snack and even as a quick fix to those pesky midday cravings.

Key ingredients:

Rolled Oats

Ragi Flakes

Jowar Flakes

Amaranth Puffs

Flax Seeds

Melon Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Cocoa Butter

Coconut Oil

Jaggery Syrup

This delicious High Fiber Better Bar contains NO artificial preservatives, NO fillers, NO food colouring, NO added flavours and ZERO refined sugar.

Made only with ingredients you know and love;
it’s simply BETTER for you.


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